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Ways to Engage and Inspire Employees Working Remotely

Ways to Engage and Inspire Employees Working Remotely

The work environment is not the same as it used to be a few months ago. In this distributed work environment where employees can’t see meet each other physically, it is important to still maintain contact with the team. The COVID-19 has impacted businesses in a way that no one had expected. Companies have embraced distributed forms of working, savvy ones are moving towards digital transformations. Here are some tips that can help businesses maintain their digital communication with their employees.
? CEO lifts the company – CEO is what can be called the face of the company. Although the CEO can’t be always physically present, they can be present digitally and virtually. Time to time interaction, webcasts, and team meetings, gives a platform that ensures every voice is heard and the leadership is up for some healthy discussion. Employees are currently working remotely which can make them lose that personal touch.
? Employees are the assets – The digital communications should be focused on improving and uplifting the employees through informal recognitions, appreciation emails, Instagram posts, as well as other forms of shout-outs to employees for a job that is worth appreciating. Social media has made it more fun and engaging nowadays for employees to engage in fun activities. Social appreciation is inventive and appreciated by employees. Employees must be heard – This is a no-brainer, yet gets ignored somewhere down the line.
When you give an engaging and interactive environment to your employees you will see ideas flourish. Especially in the current times where employees have been suddenly forced to work remotely, they would need more time now than ever. Recruit employees in the thought leadership program. This gives them a better chance to connect with the company’s leadership, and give an idea or share thoughts on a better scale.
? Employee to Employee interactions – Various tools can be used for micro-communication. Now is the time to inculcate the culture of thought sharing, interaction, and encouraging employees to create a community of interest. These are the platforms that can be used to encourage communication amongst the team. The digital world is expanding, people are engaging in activities like, fun game Fridays, musical Saturdays, etc. to keep employees engaged as well as encouraged.
Who would have ever imagined that a standstill like this would ever happen? Who would have thought that they could survive months, without any physical interaction with the outside world, no malls to go to, no parties, or no physical office? The pandemic situation has, however, changed the perspective of life for one and all. It is true that change is inevitable, and is being embraced with grace in every walk of life.
The digital world is expanding and advancing, it is now an extension to the physical workplace. The virtual world has altered all the ways and made it possible to now handle and take meetings, schedule product launches, take vendor calls, etc without being physically present. It is especially a boon for businesses that feel they are not going to embrace the pre-corona life any time soon. It would be ideal for them to come up with a contingency plan that is focused on keeping employees engaged and happy.

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