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The Future Impact of COVID-19 crisis on the Digital Marketing Realm

The Future Impact of COVID-19 crisis on the Digital Marketing Realm

When the news of this new virus outbreak surfaced, nobody predicted it to be this long of a journey. The coronavirus crisis is a threat to health as well as businesses and jobs. This pandemic situation has affected population worldwide and transformed lives. It is a catalyst that has caused some significant changes.

The new normal brought to us by Coronavirus is the reality that is here to stay. The transformations are major, with everything contactless and only essential services functioning, we all got a taste of what it would like to be only available online with no physical contact. Let’s take a look at how life is affected with this remote working system.

How the remote working arrangement keeps the firms going?

Recession is bound to hit the world economy given these unfavorable times. However, different governments have stepped up with their own combat strategy to fight these uncertain times. One of the new normal that is currently keeping the world still running is working remotely. This Furlough scheme has helped firms work even after no physical contact.

Quiet evidently remote working has its benefits during the Covid 19 crisis:

  • It helps maintain business operations even when there is no accessibility to a physical workplace.
  • The staff doesn’t need to be physically present in the city of work, and can now work from the comfort of their home.
  • In case you feel unwell, you can work in isolation from your fellow colleagues and not transmit this deadly virus or any flu to any of them.
  • Less travelling means less chances of the virus spreading.

Remote working is no more confined to workplace. It is the new normal and has become a part of life:

  • Ordering grocery and everyday essentials online without having to step out has become a part of life.
  • Ecommerce firms have grown in both popularity and number.
  • Social media is increasingly becoming a useful tool to stay connected.

How can Digital Marketers respond to COVID-19 and help other brands find their ground?

This is the time for digital marketing to rise and shine. The word-of-mouth marketing is currently breathing behind closed doors of quarantine. The billboards that use to advertise are now watching empty streets, few people are allowing newspapers in their homes, and no events are currently being held anywhere.

So, how are the brands marketing? What should they do to ensure they are heard and seen by their audience? The answer is they must build their brand’s digital presence. Here are some helpful verticals to turn towards:

  • Social media – This gives your brand a platform to grab the audience’s attention and talk about the USPs without boring them to death.
  • Websites – A dynamic website is what will help your customer understand your brand better and place their order with you in case you are an E-commerce brand.
  • Ethics – A firm that stands tall with its staff, supports them, and pays the suppliers on time is sure to survive this tide of time better than the peers.

All this points towards the fact that buyer persona marketers must consider the change.

What does the Future Hold?

What is the first thing people would do once the vaccine is out and the situation is under control? They are surely going to jump out, visit friends and families, go on outings, visit malls, restaurants etc. however, the recovery is expected to be gradual and not a strong rebound.

Digital Marketing will help the brands build their presence not only during COVID-19 era but also beyond it. Once you have your brand up and running with people recognizing and relating with your brand, chances are they would never go back to physical options. We can expect the consumers to emerge from this crisis with different values, attitudes, habits, and priorities. All this can well impact the way they choose to spend their money. For these reasons the rise of E commerce is bound to happen and with rising online store brands would need a way to market themselves better, this is where Digital Marketing will come into play.

As the world goes digital, so will the marketing and with the rising demand of digital marketing it is crucial to have a plan devised to help small brands flourish better. The right Digital Marketing strategy will help brands prosper and grow.

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