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Digital Marketing Tips to Help Brands Thrive During COVID-19

Digital Marketing Tips

Communities worldwide have been affected by COVID-19 pandemic. Various industries have been hit hard. During this uncertain time companies are looking for solutions to maintain their operations and struggling to stay afloat. Digital Marketing Industries in particular have witnessed a hit majorly, yet the belief stands tall that things will get better soon. This is a belief that is based on the facts that things are getting better with time. The global crisis that businesses in the digital marketing realm are facing these days is a hit on the Advertising budget. However, during this downtime if businesses start to promote through ads, they will surely see the results coming in. People tend to resonate with ads, engage in vides ads more than regular ones and engage social posts with brand interactions and commenting. It is important that brands understand that this is a crucial time to make their place amongst the audience, hence, it wouldn’t be advised to cut down on digital marketing budget at the moment.

Digital Marketing is not an instant result realm, it takes persistent efforts for a brand to reach their goal. All the efforts previously invested could totally become meaningless if the brands go offline during this pandemic time. 2020 is a fairly unique time for the digital marketers globally, each one has to find a unique way to help the clients during this never seen before circumstances, here are some of the best practices that businesses must adopt to stay afloat:

  • Engage on Social Media Platforms – This is the right time to engage and indulge with your audience online on social media. With quarantine and lockdown situation ruling the world people are engaging more online and resorting to online communication more. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for the brands to get in touch with more audience and engage better. It’s essential for brands to be proactive and contact their clients with a personalized note to inform about the changes in the accounts or other details.
  • Search Marketing is Important- This is the right opportunity for brands to expand their keyword list, bid better on the most competitive keywords which were earlier difficult to rank. Also, it is an ideal time to activate your brand, promote the products as well as service, it is the time to showcase and reap benefits of the right search campaigns. Adept SEO strategy with focusing on ranking for keywords that are prevalent during this time, is surely going to help the brand.
  • Review The Website – Invest ample amount of time in reviewing the tasks of the website, encompassing your audience and related market segments. Be sure to analyze your current activities and perform necessary changes. Ensure that the communication and brand presence are well maintained.
  • Local Audience – It is time to focus your efforts on the local audience. Create products targeting the essential products which are currently in demand. Since, people can’t travel, they are now relying on local products and goods to help the needs, so be sure to address the local audience needs.
  • Customize the experience – Engage in one-on-one with your clients, answer their various queries and doubts, this will help build in them a trust for your brand. People need something they can rely on in these current times, become the best for your customers. Businesses can adapt to change and this will help make them a winner amongst their audience.
  • Back to the funnel – Run more engagement awareness and video views with various campaigns. Try to test the upper-funnel campaigns for the task of retargeting, and prospecting as it would help save your clients money and still keep them with you.

With the changing tide of time, we are sure the businesses and economies will retract to their original value. It is a tough time for any business, but it is also the time to not give up and reassess the roots of digital strategies and come out even stronger. Building a recovery plan and flourishing with new ideas would help brands and digital marketing firms stay afloat during this fairly difficult time.

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