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Category Archives: Digital Marketing

The Rising Demand of Video in Digital Marketing


This concept of integrating video in the brand marketing strategy isn’t new. What has shifted is the prominence of content on both platforms and channels. Video is no longer merely a component of the overall marketing strategy. It’s crucial to your outreach and campaign activities, including your social media strategy. Video dominates social media, all the reels and short videos that are keeping you entertained are also in a way promoting their brands. If as a brand you haven’t yet realized the power of video you might be missing out on a superb resource. It isn’t too tricky or difficult of a process. Remember to keep it real and raw, the more real the material is the better it would be for your brand. Today video processing is possible from the smartphone, making it easier than ever to make a video. Let’s dip our feet a little more in the pool of video and digital marketing.

Why is video important in Digital marketing?

Various explanations are supporting the use of videos in the digital marketing realm, but the following are some of the most convincing figures that illustrate the significance of video in digital marketing:

1. 97 per cent of advertisers believe videos help consumers appreciate goods better.

2. Video is currently used by 81 per cent of companies as part of a digital media campaign.

3. Live stream traffic accounts for 13% of all traffic.

4. Ninety per cent of users say that watching a video would help them make a purchase decision.

If these figures aren’t enough to get your creative juices flowing, wonder that you, as a digital marketer, love watching videos. Videos can be addictive if they’re well-made, and they give viewers a personal link to what they’re watching. Businesses may use video ads to easily illustrate crucial facets of their business while adding enjoyable visuals, a spunky accent, entertaining audio, or stylish image.

Types of Videos to Use

There are several different types of videos that digital marketers can use, but here is a handful that we have found to be the most powerful in our client’s digital marketing strategies:

1. Facebook Live Video: This sort of video offers users an uncut, raw insight into the content that a company needs to share. Facebook Live also helps users to interact with the company owner or representative in real-time.

2. Interview-style video: Short interviews with the staff gives the customers a behind-the-scenes sneak peek at the heart of the company while retaining a respectful demeanour.

3. Insightful Video with Animation: This is the most common type of video produced, it contains key company statistics as well as trendy images or brief video clips, as well as fun graphics and transitions.

Do Videos help with SEO?

Websites with video content are increasingly preferred by Google’s algorithms. You don’t want to overlook it; 93 per cent of internet impressions begin with a search engine, so you’ll want to do whatever you can to get on the vital first list. And you’ll want to be in the first three results, as the top three positions receive 55% of all clicks.

There’s a lot you can do to improve your search engine results page (SERP) score, but adding videos in particular works in a variety of ways:

? Raising the number of users who click on your links: Using video on your website boosts organic traffic from SERPs.

? Decrease the bounce rates: People spend about twice as much time on a website with video as they do without it.

? Developing high-quality backlinks: The higher the quality of your post, the more backlinks you’ll get.

Video is magical, but the true magic occurs when you pair it with strong SEO and useful material. That’s when you render unicorn material, which has a high click-through rate. Overall, video won’t be enough to save the website without an excellent SEO strategy coming through.

Consider it a cycle. More viewers will see your web because of the video, which means more people will click on your post. But, if your on-page material isn’t high-quality, it won’t remain on your site for too long. In reality, this may be counterproductive. Since the search engine doesn’t want to send users to a pointless website, hosting a low-quality video with little to no background would lower your rating. More users will see your site in the SERPs at first, but if your page doesn’t meet their needs, they’ll soon leave, signalling to the search engines that your site isn’t useful.

Reasons why your business should use Video Marketing

  • Video can boost the conversions and Sales rates by engaging the audience better than content.
  • Video content gives the customer an insight into the brand, thereby building trust.
  • Video increases visitor’s time on the website thereby boosting page traffic and engagement. Optimized videos are a great part of the marketing strategy.
  • Video marketing is interactive and appeals more due to the easy explanation and in-depth nature.
  • Video engages even the laziest people. Who would say that watching a video is difficult?
  • The video encourages the number of social shares.

If you are a brand struggling with finding the right marketing strategy, then we, at New Vision Digital can help you, from social media strategy, website development, ad campaign, to SEO, we can handle it all for you. Leave your brand marketing to us, so you can focus on your core business tasks.

Digital Marketers and Tech workers are more productive in the WFH Economy


Working from Home (WFH) is a major cultural shift and also has become a major long-term economic shift that is here to stay. What started as a way to stay safe during COVID-19, has now become an indispensable part of our life. Companies have even proposed a permanent WFH culture in their office.

This particular decision can be viewed as the one responsible for some major impact on the overall commercial real estate, local retail, restaurants, hotels, etc. You might be wondering why Work from Home model is attracting attention and becoming companies’ favored choice.

On the grounds of productivity. WFH is deemed to be more productive. Managers expect remote employees to be more productive in WFH than working in-house. However, workers, on the contrary, report that office has a more productive environment for them as compared to working from home. Since, working from home comes with various distractions, from challenges with wifi, to handling daily chores, everything goes haywire for them. However, there are some major perks as well. The working hour boundary is lifted, the morning and afternoon commute troubles are eased. This allows employees to work better and more efficiently.

During the pandemic, workers have reportedly been working more hours than usual and have been feeling more stressed, fatigued, and burnt out. Fishbowl, a renowned social network carried out a survey with over 16,000 WFH employees. Less than 69% said they felt burnt out in the latest mode of working from home.

On industry level, 74% were tech workers and 73% were a part of advertising and marketing. Another query was “has working from home during the pandemic phase caused workplace burnout?” The answer to this, has been reportedly slightly more positive in case of women.

Working from Home

WFH burnout is the one that is costing company their employees. People are actively searching for a new job, since they feel burnt out. 44% amongst the Advertising sector, 43% healthcare sector and 42% finance sector, these were reportedly the top 3 sectors of work, where people said they were burnt out and actively trying to find a new and better opportunity to leave their current organization.

Fishbowl survey conducted with 18,000 workers across the company, found that WFH was definitely motivating working population to move or atleast consider making the shift from costly urban centers to the low rent locations. Technical and Digital marketing industry showed more signs of workers likely to make the big shift and move to a new city as compared to people from other industries. The survey also brought to light that men show more curiosity in moving out and relocating as compared to women.

The big shift which is going on a remote working model is all set to change the lives of technology and marketing workers forever in a dramatic way for some, and subtle for the others. Companies would turn towards a more geographically aligned talent pool and look for employees in a location with lower cost.

The 100% virtual nature of marketing agencies is also in process and will become a reality soon, if the current trends are to be believed. The office-free future is in talks already. Mentoring, employee development and collaboration would become the reality of most, if not all. The compressed funnels and a shooting deal making market for B2B has accelerated. We being a digital marketing service understand all that is required and all that lays ahead of us.

If you are a business looking for ways to strengthen your market presence, earn more recognition and get lucrative leads for your business then you must consult a Digital Marketing agency. New Vision Digital is a Digital Marketing firm helping people build their online presence with the help of SEO, SMO, ORM, Website Designing, and much more. You can contact us to get a quote on your preferred service. Our team is working virtually to offer you in-house experience even during COVID-19.

Top 10 Digital Marketing Tools to Enhance Your Business Online


Digital Marketing Tools

In today’s business world, one thing which has made its way high into the sky is undoubtedly digital marketing. Every business that is doing well in today’s times is dependent upon effective digital marketing strategies. There has been a vast expansion of social media in the last few years and with its ever-expanding reach, it has become next to impossible to take digital marketing lightly. There has been a massive increase in the number of social media users and the internet. Internet marketing/ digital marketing are significant in order to reach a newer audience and enhancing the growth of your business. To reach the maximum number of people, it becomes all the more important to extract the maximum benefits of digital marketing.

While we are on this topic, let us move further on how digital marketing tools can help in enhancing the growth of the business. We have curated a blog for you stating all the marketing tools that are considered to be the top digital marketing tools. Every single day, there are newer and effective tools that are being developed in order to make the most out of internet marketing. So, here is the list of the top 10 marketing tools that are trending and are considered to be the best by digital marketers and marketing companies.


Mail Chimp?

This goes without saying that Mail Chimp is one of the most popular names when one talks about tools for email marketing. Mail Chimp offers free as well as subscription plans for utilization. This tool offers a diverse range of features such as insights into the audience, personalizing the bulk mail, creating contact segment, etc. for the maximum benefit.

mail chimp



HubSpot is your one-stop solution for all the marketing needs. It imbibes three distinct softwares into one and you can avail multiple benefits covering marketing, sales, and service hub.


Google Analytics?

This one comes under the must-have category. Google Analytics offers a great amount of information and that is probably the best thing about it. An added benefit, this tool is free.


Cognitive SEO?

Without Search Engine Optimization, there would be no concept of ranking whatsoever. It provides the ability to flag and correct all the SEO issues. With several imbibed tools in it, it also helps in highlighting key areas of attention.

Cognitive SEO


Buffer is an excellent tool that helps in the management of all the social media platforms. It allows the user to schedule and post content for every social media page that is being used.




Ahrefs enables the user to determine what the competitors are doing better. In other words, it helps in spying. In addition to that, it also helps in SEO analysis, curating keywords backlinks, audit reports, content research, web monitoring, etc.




Relevancy in content is extremely essential for strategies related to inbound marketing. It helps the user to keep a track of all the trending content across all platforms. Feedly is free for usage.



Get Response?

This email marketing tool helps in curating and sending personalized emails to targeted addresses. It also provides insight on when is the ideal time to send the emails which ensures to extract the maximum benefits.

Get Response


This is emerging out to be an excellent website analysis tool that reveals insights about visitor interaction. It offers numerous features related to visitor interaction and feedback tools which are extremely useful for the users.




This tool allows the user to manage every social media interaction from just one dashboard. It helps to integrate multiple social media platforms and you can integrate the posts, accurate targeting, coordinating with the team, etc.


These are just some of the finest digital marketing tools that are used the most by digital marketers and the top marketing companies. There are still multiple marketing tools that are not in the list given above but it doesn’t make them any less effective. For more blogs related to digital marketing and latest trends in marketing, keep following this space.

Picking Up the Right Digital Marketing Company for Your Business in 2020

Digital Marketing Company

The world of digital marketing has become denser in the last few years. In this ever-evolving and dense digital marketing world, navigating for the businesses can be tough. To stand tall in today’s competitive world, business owners need to choose the right digital marketing company for them. It is crucial that the marketing agency, one gets associated with, is competent and offers all-round services that assist the business in its growth. Thus, it is not just about choosing a digital marketing company but more about choosing the right one. It is also important that one gets associated with a company that contributes to the growth of the business.

There is no scope for a mistake while selecting the marketing agency. When you choose an incompetent digital marketing agency, it affects both the expenditure and the branding. How hard is that blow? Hence, it becomes extremely essential to find a marketing company that offers you the services that your business is in need of.

We have curated this blog just for you in order to help you understand the strategies which you can implement if you are getting associated with a digital marketing company anytime in 2020.


Understanding Requirements and Budget

One of the most initial things which need to be kept in foresight is the process of understanding the requirement. It is essential on your part to decide which services you want to use. Not only the requirement but understanding the expenditure with the needs is also significant.

A competent digital marketer functions as per the set budget. Post strategizing, they establish the expectations consequently. But first, it is necessary on your part to decide the amount that you are willing to spend. It is important to note that you are not purchasing something and thus, it is necessary for you to keep a flexible budget. The first step of choosing the ideal digital marketing agency is for you to decide the budget and the services you are in need of.


Credibility and Experience

Credibility of a company is considered a significant factor to be taken into consideration. ?Check the credibility as well as the experience on display. Client testimonials are an easy way to determine if the agency is credible and competent in offering the services it promises to deliver. You can connect with any of the mentioned clients to have a clearer picture of the services that the agency offers.


Prioritize Full Transparency

One of the most overlooked red flags is lack of transparency. Most of the business owners get duped due to this particular factor. To avert this possibility, it is essential for you to do thorough research. It is 2020 and if you are not going to extract the major benefits of your internet then you probably never will.

While you are reviewing a digital marketing agency, it is significant for you to look out for everything – right from client testimonials to the location of the agency. Scan everything in your mind and if you think that anything is amiss, it is possible that the agency doesn’t want to disclose it. In addition to dodging these red flags, it is also essential for you to not fall prey to the “cheap prices” and “low rates”.

In addition to checking these pointers, one of the biggest deciding factors is the website of the marketing agency itself. You can even check the social media pages of their company to understand better. While getting associated with a digital marketing agency, you must check with these pointers to avoid any inconvenience that might be lurking at you.

Your Guide To Digital Marketing Through Quora

Your Guide To Digital Marketing Through Quora
Building brand’s identity is an important task for any business to flourish. There are numerous tools and techniques that exist to make marketing accessible. Despite the availability of tools and techniques, building an audience base, creating and distributing relevant content marks as the most important task of marketing. If you don’t publicize your work or the services you offer how could you possibly attract target audience. Quora has emerged as a medium to aid and progress conversion rates.


What is Quora?

The first question that strikes is what exactly is Quora? It is an emerging Question and answer platform where an individual has the liberty to ask any question. It can be of any genre from entertainment to technology all kinds of questions are welcome. Any person can type in their answer. The community then votes on the most closely related answer and the one that is most helpful amongst the pool of answers received for a question. This platform is more or less like the LinkedIn’s publishing platform, where you can search in specific questions or topics.

How is Quora a smart place for marketers?

Quora has nearly 775,000 people accessing it in U.S. alone. This signifies that there exist a number of knowledge seekers who are in look out for people to answer their queries. For marketers, the platform is helpful as people can use it to build expertise and authority on the chosen topic. It can be a platform where in you can learn from others, they may be customers, users, or industry experts. You can understand what the audience wishes to know about your genre of work, this includes understanding the psychology that revolves with an industry.

Brand awareness helps people connect with your work better. Here is a guide that will help you with making a mark for your brand on Quora-

  • Entice the target audience – Quora makes it fairly simple to find the interested audience. For instance, Digital marketing is your keyword, search for it in the top bar of Quora. You will be presented a drop down of people who have both asked and answered the questions.Hence, finding the relevant audience starts with typing in related keywords in the search bar.
  • Gaining an insight on the customers’ expectations – After you have punched in the keyword, you have your users, queries and the answers presented to you. Now all you have to do is understand what the user wishes to say. The query made by a user is the problem they are facing, hopefully your brand becomes the solution for it. But, bragging about your products and brands won’t fetch you desired results. You need to be careful when catering the queries. Start by simply answering the query, understanding the problem bothering and suggesting befitting solution. Just gather the right information and step into the next step.
  • Give weightage to the best possible resource – For instance, a person enquires about ‘what is digital marketing?’ what do you do in such a case? A mere definition won’t solve the purpose, and bragging about your product that will explain digital marketing would just put off the relevant audience. So what is the option in hand? A comprehensive guide on the topic in form of an eBook or blog that states the answer is the best possible way makes up for the best resource.
  • Influencer connections on Quora – You will find some of the famous influencers on Quora, you can connect with some of the famous marketing heroes and gain their trust and credibility. The influencer connection can be fruitful for your brand in the long run.


Ways to Generate Quora Traffic

  • Brand Awareness makes the difference – After raising awareness for your brand, you have to learn how to drive in traffic. Answering the right questions that have been asked recently, would be the first step to generating the right traffic. You don’t want to entertain a question that was asked years ago. To dodge such mistakes here are simple rules to follow-
  • Choose a befitting topic.
  • Look for the recently-posted question.
  • Find queries with high up-votes volume.
  • Be on a constant lookout for new and relevant questions.
  • Relevant Content – Writing content that is better than the peers also helps stand out on Quora. This involves, giving a catchy heading, involving some info graphics, real life experience, inspirational quotes, and influencer facts. You don’t need to hold a degree in the subject matter, all you need is an understanding of your brand and how to intelligently pass it on to the audience.
  • Strategically promote on Quora – Optimize your Quora brand profile. Don’t sell anything unnecessary only share products when asked in query. Provide the option of customer support, this will build your credibility with the audience.

This comprehensive guide on Digital Marketing through Quora, ensures you gain an understanding on the Quora functionality. Contact Us to grow your business. We are one of the best digital marketing agency in Noida and Delhi NCR.

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