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Category Archives: COVID-19

How to Keep Your Digital Brand Fresh During a Disruption?

digital Brand

COVID-19 has affected the world economy. With this drastic disruption and businesses failing to function at their optimum best, it’s time to adapt to the changing times. The temporary closures have become permanent for some businesses given the uncertain time. If you are a business that is currently facing the wrath then you must be aware of the digital presence.

During the current times when the offline operations have been disrupted for an indefinite time, making the shift towards online platforms has helped businesses stay afloat.

What are the best practices to help your brand during COVID-19?

First you must understand that you need to update the website, Google My business Page and Social Media pages of your brand with updated information. Here’s everything you must update:

  • Active Work Hours – The working hours have changed for your business, so the customers must know the new work hours. Also, it is your responsibility as a reliable business to make the customers understand the reason for this change.

For instance, if you are a retailer functioning later in the day and closing sooner then you must inform your customers about this. The reason for this might be inventory recollection, or santization, anything. In case, you are on offline business who has suspended operations temporarily, be sure to mention the same with a befitting reason.

  • Changing laws and protocols – Many businesses are limiting themselves to supplying only essential goods. So, a super mart might be working in full swing, while an educational supply store might be offering only essential goods. Communicate all these temporary measures and changes prominently and broadly to people who are searching your store online.
  • Introduction of Online Options – Due to the fear of this virus spreading, people were advised to stay indoors. Currently some relaxations are levied, but there was a time, when strict lockdown was imposed globally. During those times only the businesses running online could continue with their operation. If you are an affected business, be aware that you can still get back on track, just go online. Introduce some offers, promotions, and discounts to attract your target audience and customers.
  • Google My Business – When we talk about digital presence, we essentially are talking about building the website as a brand. Website can be considered as the central attraction point, especially when you wish to grow your business online. However, mostly searches go through GMB listing, which essentially means finding local businesses first.

Update your Google My Business, the changes are reflected on Google Site and Maps, which makes it easier for people to locate you.

How Should Brands Engage With Customers During Lockdown?

With businesses shutting down at a fast pace, it is very important to make your presence count. In the realm of education, entertainment, and organizations, the shift from offline to online was mandatory and not a choice.

Engaging can mean anything under the sky. You might engage with your customers better by updating about the operations, or by carrying out fun online activities, or it could also creatively engaging with audience on social media platforms. Here’s how your brand can engage better:

  • For employees, the company’s leadership can play a vital role. Sharing personal messages of encouragement on the corporate social media platforms, is a great idea.
  • Sharing ideas, creativity, and thoughts through blogging and vlogging. This gives a sense of presence. Even if your business gets affected, don’t leave the business flow.
  • Online fun games, polls, and contests, help engage people during this monotonous time.
  • Remind your audience that you and your people are working against all odds to pass the tide of time with valor.

Engagement and encouragement are the key to success during this disruption. Have a voice that talks for the brand. If you are searching for an online medium to help impart that voice to your brand, then connect with New Vision Digital. We have helped various brands stay afloat during this dooming time. We can help you with an adept strategy to grow your business online. Get in touch with us for SEO, SMO, Website Development, Reputation Management, Content Marketing, and much more.

The Future Impact of COVID-19 crisis on the Digital Marketing Realm

The Future Impact of COVID-19 crisis on the Digital Marketing Realm

When the news of this new virus outbreak surfaced, nobody predicted it to be this long of a journey. The coronavirus crisis is a threat to health as well as businesses and jobs. This pandemic situation has affected population worldwide and transformed lives. It is a catalyst that has caused some significant changes.

The new normal brought to us by Coronavirus is the reality that is here to stay. The transformations are major, with everything contactless and only essential services functioning, we all got a taste of what it would like to be only available online with no physical contact. Let’s take a look at how life is affected with this remote working system.

How the remote working arrangement keeps the firms going?

Recession is bound to hit the world economy given these unfavorable times. However, different governments have stepped up with their own combat strategy to fight these uncertain times. One of the new normal that is currently keeping the world still running is working remotely. This Furlough scheme has helped firms work even after no physical contact.

Quiet evidently remote working has its benefits during the Covid 19 crisis:

  • It helps maintain business operations even when there is no accessibility to a physical workplace.
  • The staff doesn’t need to be physically present in the city of work, and can now work from the comfort of their home.
  • In case you feel unwell, you can work in isolation from your fellow colleagues and not transmit this deadly virus or any flu to any of them.
  • Less travelling means less chances of the virus spreading.

Remote working is no more confined to workplace. It is the new normal and has become a part of life:

  • Ordering grocery and everyday essentials online without having to step out has become a part of life.
  • Ecommerce firms have grown in both popularity and number.
  • Social media is increasingly becoming a useful tool to stay connected.

How can Digital Marketers respond to COVID-19 and help other brands find their ground?

This is the time for digital marketing to rise and shine. The word-of-mouth marketing is currently breathing behind closed doors of quarantine. The billboards that use to advertise are now watching empty streets, few people are allowing newspapers in their homes, and no events are currently being held anywhere.

So, how are the brands marketing? What should they do to ensure they are heard and seen by their audience? The answer is they must build their brand’s digital presence. Here are some helpful verticals to turn towards:

  • Social media – This gives your brand a platform to grab the audience’s attention and talk about the USPs without boring them to death.
  • Websites – A dynamic website is what will help your customer understand your brand better and place their order with you in case you are an E-commerce brand.
  • Ethics – A firm that stands tall with its staff, supports them, and pays the suppliers on time is sure to survive this tide of time better than the peers.

All this points towards the fact that buyer persona marketers must consider the change.

What does the Future Hold?

What is the first thing people would do once the vaccine is out and the situation is under control? They are surely going to jump out, visit friends and families, go on outings, visit malls, restaurants etc. however, the recovery is expected to be gradual and not a strong rebound.

Digital Marketing will help the brands build their presence not only during COVID-19 era but also beyond it. Once you have your brand up and running with people recognizing and relating with your brand, chances are they would never go back to physical options. We can expect the consumers to emerge from this crisis with different values, attitudes, habits, and priorities. All this can well impact the way they choose to spend their money. For these reasons the rise of E commerce is bound to happen and with rising online store brands would need a way to market themselves better, this is where Digital Marketing will come into play.

As the world goes digital, so will the marketing and with the rising demand of digital marketing it is crucial to have a plan devised to help small brands flourish better. The right Digital Marketing strategy will help brands prosper and grow.

Digital Marketing Tips to Help Brands Thrive During COVID-19

Digital Marketing Tips

Communities worldwide have been affected by COVID-19 pandemic. Various industries have been hit hard. During this uncertain time companies are looking for solutions to maintain their operations and struggling to stay afloat. Digital Marketing Industries in particular have witnessed a hit majorly, yet the belief stands tall that things will get better soon. This is a belief that is based on the facts that things are getting better with time. The global crisis that businesses in the digital marketing realm are facing these days is a hit on the Advertising budget. However, during this downtime if businesses start to promote through ads, they will surely see the results coming in. People tend to resonate with ads, engage in vides ads more than regular ones and engage social posts with brand interactions and commenting. It is important that brands understand that this is a crucial time to make their place amongst the audience, hence, it wouldn’t be advised to cut down on digital marketing budget at the moment.

Digital Marketing is not an instant result realm, it takes persistent efforts for a brand to reach their goal. All the efforts previously invested could totally become meaningless if the brands go offline during this pandemic time. 2020 is a fairly unique time for the digital marketers globally, each one has to find a unique way to help the clients during this never seen before circumstances, here are some of the best practices that businesses must adopt to stay afloat:

  • Engage on Social Media Platforms – This is the right time to engage and indulge with your audience online on social media. With quarantine and lockdown situation ruling the world people are engaging more online and resorting to online communication more. This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance for the brands to get in touch with more audience and engage better. It’s essential for brands to be proactive and contact their clients with a personalized note to inform about the changes in the accounts or other details.
  • Search Marketing is Important- This is the right opportunity for brands to expand their keyword list, bid better on the most competitive keywords which were earlier difficult to rank. Also, it is an ideal time to activate your brand, promote the products as well as service, it is the time to showcase and reap benefits of the right search campaigns. Adept SEO strategy with focusing on ranking for keywords that are prevalent during this time, is surely going to help the brand.
  • Review The Website – Invest ample amount of time in reviewing the tasks of the website, encompassing your audience and related market segments. Be sure to analyze your current activities and perform necessary changes. Ensure that the communication and brand presence are well maintained.
  • Local Audience – It is time to focus your efforts on the local audience. Create products targeting the essential products which are currently in demand. Since, people can’t travel, they are now relying on local products and goods to help the needs, so be sure to address the local audience needs.
  • Customize the experience – Engage in one-on-one with your clients, answer their various queries and doubts, this will help build in them a trust for your brand. People need something they can rely on in these current times, become the best for your customers. Businesses can adapt to change and this will help make them a winner amongst their audience.
  • Back to the funnel – Run more engagement awareness and video views with various campaigns. Try to test the upper-funnel campaigns for the task of retargeting, and prospecting as it would help save your clients money and still keep them with you.

With the changing tide of time, we are sure the businesses and economies will retract to their original value. It is a tough time for any business, but it is also the time to not give up and reassess the roots of digital strategies and come out even stronger. Building a recovery plan and flourishing with new ideas would help brands and digital marketing firms stay afloat during this fairly difficult time.

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