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2020 Social Media Trends You Must Know

Social Media Marketing

Social media and digital marketing are now going hand-in-hand with almost every digital campaigns including social media as its major part. However, social media is very far from being static, this essentially means that the trick that worked a few months ago might or might not work and reap the same fruitful results now. Habits tend to change the platforms evolve into something better and some new and improved platforms have come into existence. All the changes in the trends have influenced people’s vision and reaction towards social media marketing, it has also changed significantly the way to reach target audience. Do you wish to know all about social media, that there exists, to make it big this year? Here are some of the helpful tips:

  • Connection + Community + Experience – This essentially means that a brand must connect with the audience on a personal level. Businesses must put forth their amicable side, must understand the dynamics and also make the necessary changes to become an understanding friend to the community (the target audience). Listening to your audience and humanizing the brand will prove to be lucrative for your business. The key to building a strong and reliable community is managing personal communication. When a brand starts to send out direct messages, focuses on the group and comments whenever necessary, the brand strengthens its community. All this comes with experience. Hence, building a strong connection with your community comes with experience.
  • Influencer Marketing – If you haven’t heard of the trend as yet, then you might be missing out on one of the major marketing strategy. Influencers are people who have made it big in their niche authentic way. For instance, a health and fitness influencer would have tons of followers and share his or her authentic and real ways to stay fit. Hence, an influencer’s word would attract more customers and provide the much needed confidence to the target audience that the goods and services offered by your brand is trusted and used by some real people. The key is to devise a clear influencer strategy which is designed to integrate the overall marketing strategy with an influencer vouching for it. Authenticity would win for the brand.
  • Social Analytics – Social Analytics tools are useful, they help you analyze the overall performance well and a report is then formed on the social media success and failures. Smart marketers invest in the analytics and measurement programs which span across the standard metrics towards a more meaningful and accurately aligned large organizational and business goals. Chart and reports don’t lie or show anything less than the truth, hence it is important that you understand the overall importance of analytics.
  • Show the Creative side – This is an evergreen trend and will definitely work for every brand. Boring social media content won’t fetch your brand any audience. What’s required is a brand that stands out from its pears and brings out the creative side. It might mean posting short videos, partner talks about the brand and the idea of the brand. You can also opt for short-form of animated GIFs and videos that are designed to ignite a thought, or crack a joke, or just something that can go viral for any reason. Your ads are important marketing source for your brand, be sure to make them informative yet creative.
  • Post Stories – Smart businesses and brands have a solid stories strategy devised for 2020. From the daily images, content, and micro-videos to making sure they reach the target audience well on time, all this is a must if you wish to create a name for your brand. Stories are effective, since they are short, creative and grab the attention of your target audience naturally. To make them interesting you can add some polls, questions, videos, emojis, and just use the creative side of your brand.
  • Paid posts – Drive in direct traffic as well as branded search with social media. To achieve this, you can get on the bandwagon of paid as well as organic social posts using intriguing and creative content. High value, highly personalized and transparent access programs for the audience can intrigue them in many ways.
  • YouTube and Video – It is not entirely fruitful for every business, but for the ones who can make some interactive and fun videos related to the brand’s products and services, must consider this path. It is believed that visuals tend to attract more audience than the authentic written posts, hence, brands are jumping on the bandwagon of creating interactive and informative videos.

The world of product marketing is changing with the introduction of social media for marketing. If you are a budding business that wishes to make it huge in the market, but is perplexed with the thought of it. Fret not! New Vision Digital, a premium Digital Marketing Agency in Noida will help you, we offer Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Website Designing, Content creation, and much more.

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